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Bull Elephant Beard


   Bull Elephant Brand is a company whose paramount purpose is to create and procure goods that are befitting for people who prefer quality over quantity in an equitable capacity. Therefore it is our drive to provide, to our community, means for a quality lifestyle at a practical expense. This is something we provide through products that are straightforward and purposeful. Our emphasis is on being proponents of local trade as well as fair and equal practices. 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy securing the finest ingredients to create our proprietary recipes.

Praise the sun shop


Laura is a mixed media artist in Rochester NY. Her work ranges from a variety of Dreamcatcher's & String Art using repurposed, found and upcycled materials to her wildly intricate Pet Portraits and Landscape Murals.

"My work is often influenced by my spirituality and my beliefs about life, our earth, and our universe. I use recycled and found materials for my work as much as possible, as the best way to create is to find a use for what is already there. I believe in love, peace and the power of positive thought. Creating beautiful things is my high and sharing them with others is my purpose. "

May and birch


 With a background in graphic and textile design, Samantha started a small, custom stationery business while raising her three daughters at home. Wanting to continue creating unique and versatile designs, May and Birch was born after Samantha acquired a laser cutter, the key to bringing even more of her intricate designs to life. May and Birch now produces a variety of high quality products, specializing in design and laser-crafted pieces such as wooden ornaments, earrings, key chains, coasters, wine charms, home decor, and locally-inspired pieces specific to Rochester and surrounding lakes and areas. 

Carroll's Hilltop Enterprises


In January 2017, Jesse Carroll and his wife returned to their home in Western New York State to once again be near family. It was at this point that they decided to take their experience and this opportunity to start Carroll's Hilltop Enterprises.  Jesse has always had a love of building things with his hands and making use of today’s technology. Having starting out in the machining industry in 1993 and then moving to woodworking in 1998, Jesse has taken the desire for and expectation of precision and put it into his woodworking. Jesse spent 19 years (1998-2017) living on the gulf coast of Florida working in the high-end custom millwork industry and honing his knowledge of woodworking. 

The House of Roushey


Christy Roushey is known for her unique floral illustrations and lettering. To Christy, flowers are more than nature’s decorations. Flowers are representative of significant moments; they are reminders of both the simple and the intricate beauties embedded in our world. As depicted in her one-of-a-kind pieces, Christy has an appreciative eye for detail. Like the imperfect bend of a petal or the delicate tear in a leaf, Christy’s work is representative of the beautiful and florid realities of nature. All of her pieces - ornaments, wall art, greeting cards, tote bags, mugs, and more - are not only unique in nature but evoke an inevitable personal connection, indicative of the kind of meticulous, considerate artist Christy is. When admiring her work, one can’t help but see the brilliance of flowers through Christy’s eyes: unique, imperfect, significant, radiant - all things we can see and feel within ourselves with the help of artists like Christy.

natalie rae ny


Natalie Rae's creative offerings include repurposed vintage Hmong Hill Tribe textiles turned statement accessories! After traveling through Southeast Asia, Natalie felt a strong connection to Vietnam and the city of Hanoi. She retuned later and traveled up north to the mountainous region where she found herself in a completely different terrain and culture.  It was there Natalie became mesmerized with the vibrant clothing the Hmong women wore and made themselves. She became hooked on the undeniable unique outfits, the hard work and the centuries old techniques used to make them. After staying in the villages Natalie learned all about their textile trade: hemp cultivation, batik making, cross stitch, indigo dying and fabric trading. Over time the idea of sharing this unique art with the world manifested and by working with a translator named Lan and 6 other Hmong women, together they created Natalie Rae NY.



Bark-A-Licious, created by Judy Foster, is an all-natural, homemade dog biscuit business located in Rochester, New York. Judy’s unconditional love for animals inspired her to start Bark-A-Licious, in hopes to make the pups who enjoy her treats that much more healthy. Judy graduated from Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy from the Culinary Arts Program in February 2015. Judy took the Healthy Baking program classes through Escoffier to learn more about different healthy food options and to incorporate into her biscuit choices. Her experience in the kitchen and love for cooking is what sparked this new, local business. Besides dog treats, Judy is now making cat treats. She found that there is a very limited market for these types of all-natural products.

Bark-A-Licious / Meow-A-Licious products are enjoyed by both dogs and cats! Her treats are healthy, all-natural, preservative free, and of course, tasty! 

Shiny by Serenity


As a child, Serenity was fascinated by plants, combining discoveries in her yard to make perfumes and potions. Her lifetime love of all things natural led her to practice acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Serenity’s knowledge and experience drove her desire to create high quality products for her patients. Shiny by Serenity products are made using a simple but effective CBD extraction method with coconut oil, water, and hemp flowers. Serenity’s process ensures her products are raw, bio-available, and rich in terpenes, flavins, and accessory cannabinoids as she utilizes the many helpful components of each plant. Shiny by Serenity offers CBD oils and capsules as well as CBD products for your beloved pets!

Urban Lumberjax


Jacquie founded Urban LumberJax in 2015, filled with a desire to share with others her innovative creations from hand-salvaged, reclaimed materials. Each phase of the process, from salvaging to designing to building to finishing, brings new challenges and love for the craft. 

The on-trend home furnishings and décor offered at Urban LumberJax are crafted meticulously in order to maintain the integrity and character of the salvaged material, embracing its history while also breathing new life into it.



RErooted is Tasha's expression of the interconnections of all things. Everyday items are used and morphed into creations with new purpose and meaning.  The intricacies of bark, leaves, stones, shells, newspapers, twine, wire, beads, bottles (both old and new), vintage buttons, reclaimed “junk”, etc. all merge to create unique pieces of self expression.    

"Like the roots of a plant that extend below the earth, mirroring its outer stretches, acknowledgement of what lies beneath is key to rebirth. My own roots have been restored and re-established here in Rochester.  My friends have been an amazing gift of strength and support as I re-established my roots."

Bubbaloo Farm Handmade


Anna Kirkwood met her husband Dave at Paul Smith's College through their involvement in the Woodsmens Team. Anna earned two degrees in the hospitality field while Dave graduated with a degree in Business Administration.. After graduating they were married, rebuilt a house and had three children. Anna found herself working in banks until becoming a stay-at-home mom in 2007. Raising a growing family in today's economy on one salary has taught the couple to do more for themselves and the value of being self-sufficient. In 2009, after the purchase of 18 acres of land, Dave and Anna began their farm. Over the last four years, they have learned about raising their own food and the value of fiber arts, which led to the birth Bubbaloo Farm Handmade. 

A Forest Fern


Johanna has always been enamored by nature, drawn to the joy that flowers bring. She began crafting paper flowers and fell in love with creating everlasting beauties like those she has always appreciated in nature, and thus began A Forest Fern. Johanna’s work is inspired by the natural beauty of plants and flowers; her crepe paper flowers and foliage are crafted carefully with each leaf individually cut and meticulously sculpted to make every petal unique and lifelike. Her delicate pieces make thoughtful gifts and home decor as well as great decorations for weddings and other special events. 

R.Weber Designs


Rachel Weber Designs is a small business specializing in hand-crafted, quality jewelry for all occasions. Rachel incorporates clean minimalist lines, geometric shapes, layering, and texture. Customers often comment on the delicate and dainty nature of each design. 

Rachel takes pride in creating versatile designs that transition seamlessly from your “everyday look” to “special occasion outfit.” Her jewelry is crafted with great care and made with either sterling silver or 14k gold-filled material. These materials can be worn all of the time, and will not tarnish your skin.

Mmmily handmade


Emily Bellinger of Mmmily Handmade is a Roc local fiber artist & maker. Mmmily Handmade is a collection of hand crafted bags, accessories, cat toys and home goods using a variety of unique, modern and hand printed fabrics. 

Her fine art quilt titled "Fractured Memories" was recently showcased in the Art in Craft Media 2017 exhibition at the Burchfield Penney Art Center, and was selected for the Sylvia L. Rosen Acquisition Award. 

Emily Bellinger of Mmmily Handmade is a Roc local fiber artist & maker. Mmmily Handmade is a collection of hand crafted bags, accesoreis, cat toys and home goods using a variety of unique, modern and hand printed fabrics. self-promotion. Bellinger also works as a commission quilter. Her quilts warm the homes of many private residences throughout the USA. 

Spotted Rabbit Studio


Spotted Rabbit Studio is a creative center, home to a team of developing, talented artists with disabilities who make, exhibit, and sell artwork. Spotted Rabbit’s collective of artists face challenges associated with developmental disabilities such as autism, learning disorders, language disorders, spina bifida, and epilepsy, as well as mental health issues such as anxiety, ADHD, depression, and schizophrenia. The studio provides art and music psychotherapy services by licensed creative arts therapists as well as classes in expressive arts. Spotted Rabbit’s artists are trained in a variety of mediums, including ceramics, wood-working, painting, fiber arts, and mixed media. By working as a team, these artists are simultaneously building social skills, developing coping mechanisms, and creating meaningful, complex art for all to enjoy. The entirety of the profits from each sale goes directly to Spotted Rabbit’s deserving artists.

adorne beadworks


Desiree works from home, crushing both the mom game and the jewelry game! She has been making jewelry for five years, beginning in bead work and moving on to metal-smithing. Inspired by the love and nature surrounding her, Desiree hand-draws and cuts each design herself - intricate flowers and leaves, the silhouette of a perched bird, a delicate heart. Everything offered by Adorne Bead Works is not only hand-made but versatile enough to be worn casually or dressed up. 

The Salt of the Earth Co.


Cultivate a healthy body, quiet mind, open heart and vibrant spirit with a variety of bath bombs, smudge spray's, roll-on chakra oil blends, foot scrubs, cuticle salves and more. The Salt of the Earth Co offers handcrafted products using natural ingredients and high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils for the Body, Mind and Spirit. 

short fuse glassworks


Becky Robbins creates a wide variety of glass designs. Her work includes an assortment of soap dishes, ornaments, memo boards, snow globe tea lights, flowers, sun-catchers and more! 

Cindy Springsteen Photography


In a world of photo filters and editing apps, it is rare to discover photos like Cindy’s: raw, unedited, natural. “Everything you see is exactly as I saw it,” Cindy says of her work over the past 25 years. She takes pride in the process of her work, truthfully explaining that not all pictures turn out great nor do they always turn out as anticipated in her mind. However, with an open mind and an eye for photography, Cindy is able to discern the quality of her work without being fussy about what is out of her control. Cindy’s experiences, her lived moments, come back to life in her photos - the spiritual grace of a kind stranger met during her travels, a scenic landscape at a precise, weather-abiding moment, a candid expression depicting an untouched moment. Cindy’s carefully chosen pieces allow audiences to experience a past moment almost as authentically as she did when taking the photo, allowing those moments to live on in someone else’s story.



Erica is an EMT by night and an artist by day! Working under the name Eleven.eb, Erica created this business in hopes of a little extra income before her newborn arrived. After two years she fell in love with creating things to make others happy and has continued expanding her business with new elements and mediums to her work. 

Eleven is her heart and soul, her hopes for her business is to be successful and be the change in the world, as she is a big believer in paying it forward! 

Owl Post Lettering


After having her second child, Anna Vos began studying modern calligraphy and making pieces of her own as a way to express herself. Anna quickly realized the potential of her talents in lettering, and what was once a small hobby soon became a business: Owl Post Lettering, a one-woman company specializing in hand-lettered goods for anyone and everyone who needs a positive message. Her work is representative of her love for Rochester, NY and her passion for intersectional feminism. Whether it’s the Rochester city lilac logo seamlessly strewn in on a hand-lettered mug or a bold, sassy statement on one of her feminist, self-care stickers, Anna’s work undeniably serves as the uplifting reminders we all need from time to time. 

Goat isle Soap


Goat Isle Soap was born when Debbie Carpenter, searching for a natural remedy to help her grandson’s sensitive skin, discovered the power of goat milk, from the goats on her farm. Goat milk, packed with vitamins, minerals, and natural fat, allows for healing, reparation and moisturization of the skin. Wanting to share her discovery, she turned her trial-and-error workshop testing goat milk products into a business right out of her home on the farm. While goat milk products are ideal for sensitive or irritated skin, the soap, shampoos, balms, and lotions offered by Goat Isle Soap are perfect for anyone seeking natural products for daily use. Goat Isle Soap’s mission is to provide natural and affordable products that will cleanse and restore the skin and body. Each product is a careful result of long hours, late nights, and hundreds of batches of goat milk soaps, tweaked and re-tweaked to produce an infallible recipe.

Ink and Pine Design


Kelsey is an artist and an educator, teaching elementary students to express themselves and appreciate art while also creating work of her own in her at-home studio. 

A Rochester native, Kelsey’s work embodies her love for all things local, featuring designs ranging from the simplistic Rochester flower city logo to local architecture to detailed Genesee beer can prints and ornaments. 

Ink and Pine Design products are a result of Kelsey’s combined talents of hand-lettering and printmaking as each stamp is hand-designed and carved by Kelsey herself, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind!

Rituals in Metal and Stone


Chris has been creating and repairing jewelry for nearly three decades, but his desire to learn and passion to create continue to grow. His experience working alongside other craftsmen and his time spent learning in shops and at small boutiques helped him to grow as a jewelry designer and repairman, ultimately allowing him to operate his own studio for the past eight years. Whether he is restoring beloved antique jewelry or designing a custom, one-of-a-kind piece, Chris takes pride in his work. His constant drive to improve is a result of working in service of so many devoted customers who trust his skills with their precious valuables. Chris is humbled by the opportunity to play a part in your special moments, whether he is creating a custom designed wedding set or breathing new life into a treasured piece passed down for generations. At Rituals in Metal & Stone, the goal is to provide you with a new or restored piece to treasure always. 

Just Because


Janice Allen, a flower, gourd, and craft enthusiast, started her artistic journey, Just Because, just because she loves it! Janice has done floral designing and weddings for family and friends for years and now continues to create with hopes of delighting others in her passionate ventures. Drawn to plants and gourds for their relentless garden take-overs, their unpredictable and unrepeatable shapes, Janice took to growing them herself. She studied the process of cultivating, caring for, drying and cleaning gourds in order to use them as canvases, as crafting tools, and as pieces to a bigger artistic puzzle. Her work is unique in that she does not reproduce in quantity, so her products are truly one-of-a-kind in color, dress, and design. Whether a pear-bodied hen or a loveable fat cat, Janice’s painted gourds exude personality of their own. They make the perfect accent for achieving a playful, rustic farmhouse look - so adorable that you can’t choose just one from her crop.

Light My Candle Co.


 Lauren attributes her appreciation for candles’ tranquility and ambiance to her busy, ever-growing schedule. As a mother of two and an Algebra teacher in the Rochester City School District, Lauren understands the importance of finding peaceful moments amidst the daily commotion of life. 

Light My Candle Co. was created to offer tranquil, nostalgic moments in your home despite how hectic your day-to-day can get. Using only natural soy wax and cotton wicks, all of Lauren’s candles are free of toxins and safe to burn around children, pets, and loved ones with allergies. 

Barefoot hippie


Robert was a master jeweler for 25 years who grew disenchanted with the grind of the diamond industry. With a desire to be closer to the land and ecoculture that fed his soul, Robert made the bold choice to reinvent himself; he traveled the Pacific Northwest working on farms and becoming one with nature. 

Now, in New York, he continues to stay close to nature, often found working with the animals on the farm or barefoot on the beach, cleaning up litter and absorbing his surroundings. Robert is passionate about the animals under his care, photography, and striving for sustainability, all of which act as driving forces for his work and product offerings. 

Nature's Gift by Joan


Joan has a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art and a Master's Degree in Education. She has worked with children and adults with special needs throughout her entire career, sharing her love of teaching with others. Recently retired, Joan continues to enjoy educating others through art and creating. She began her business, Nature's Gifts by Joan, a few years ago as an outlet for her creations, finding the process relaxing and enjoyable. She works with an assortment of media including custom greeting cards, alcohol ink paintings, photography, and jewelry making. All inspired by her love for nature and the gifts it gives. 

Lionsphere Art


After a lifetime of fine art training and self-teaching technique, Shanna Fiorucci created Lionsphere in 2014 in the hopes of using her talents to impact lives. She set out to produce art that would represent a cause, art that would be sustainable, and art that would have a voice. With a shared love of arts and a shared passion for community, Shanna and her husband Emmanuel Love, have continued to evolve Lionsphere and its mission. Together, they create fashionable and sustainable art - reusable cloth bags, beaded jewelry, and fiber art - in an effort to bring both confidence and consciousness to the creative scene. They work with sweatshop-free apparel, upcycled materials, and fair trade goods sourced from Ghana, Africa. A portion of all Lionsphere’s proceeds are sent back to Nungua, Ghana to support their family, the local community, and church. 

Allie Push Arts


 Allie Push, a life-long lover of the arts, uses her passion for helping the environment and her creative talents and stitching experience to make beautiful, sustainable journals and sketchbooks. Each journal is crafted from re-purposed cardboard, 100% recycled paper, and unique collages of discovered paper and scraps. All of Allie’s journals are unique as the collages on each cover range from interesting, abstract designs to exotic animals to detailed maps. Every journal is hand bound by Allie using the coptic stitch or Japanese stab stitch. All pages inside are recycled, acid free, FSC certified, and left totally blank, making Allie’s journals a great gift for all artists, writers, journal keepers, and list-makers alike.  

Nora Renee Photography


Nora has received her Associates Degree in Photography and also her Bachelors in Film Productions from Empire State College. Holding positions with Island Photography and CL!X Studios as a graduation photographer in the past, Nora prefers to freelance for herself under Nora Renee Photography. She specializes in landscape and nature shots of the Greater Rochester area but has photographed everything from newborn shoots to weddings to family portraits! You can find her work in a variety of forms, prints, canvases, mugs, cards, calendars and more.  

Victoria Savka Art


Maria Victoria Savka is a graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology with her Master of Science for Teachers Art Education Program and her Bachelors in Fine Arts in Illustration and Fine Arts Studio. Victoria is an adventurous artist who dabbles in every form of art she meets.  Currently smitten with the process of printmaking, Victoria has been creating a herd of dry point animals, whose personalities shine through in their sweet likeness.  Much of Victoria’s personal work is based on storytelling, and the idea of abstracted memory. Victoria and her flock of chickens work from their home just outside of Rochester, NY.

burnt mill


Kiernan uses reclaimed, found and salvaged wood for his "burnt" creations. Making a wide variety of re-purposed spool shelves, tables, wall hangings, 6-pack caddies and more. He also transfers images onto wood for wall hangings and home decor. 

qq creations


Rie uses simple lines and designs to convey calm and peaceful feelings like those associated with the seasonal changes she remembers so fondly of her hometown in Gifu, Japan - the cyclical changes of the gardens, rice fields, streams, and woods where she grew up. Rie moved to the U.S. at age 24 and began her business, QQ Creations, in Rochester, NY in 2010. Her work is inspired by memories and materials of her hometown, and those lucky enough to experience her art or wear her jewelry can certainly appreciate the evident connection to nature. Rie is known for her inspired use of washi, otherwise referred to as Mino washi or Mino paper. She loves this material for its soft, warm texture and delicate colors, and many of Rie’s signature creations are made with washi as the main material: delicately folded washi jewelry, crane ornaments, and Japanese-inspired framed art and wall decor, all of which are eye-catchingly unique.

Jewelry by Chrissy


Chrissy Surdi enjoys making jewelry in her free time, most commenly her Kumihimo bracelets and necklaces. Kumihimo is a Japanese form of braid-making, meaning "gathered threads". Cords and ribbons are made by interlacing strands with a variety of colors and textures. Chrissy brings the most vibrant of pieces alive using this method. She also incorporates glass in some of her necklaces with bold, vibrant patterns. 



 Renée Schuls-Jacobson’s life was going along as planned until she experienced a brain injury after withdrawing too quickly from an anti-anxiety medication prescribed by her doctor. While disabled by a withdrawal syndrome that is still not widely recognized by doctors, a new persona emerged: RASJACOBSON.

RASJACOBSON started painting and began using social media to share her story and to showcase her work. Amazingly, she has become a bit of a lightning rod, connecting with individuals who confess they, too, feel weighted down by the invisible obstacles in their lives. Inspired by their stories, a colorful collective of characters, looking happy & sad & hopeful all at once, began to appear in her work. Six years later, RASJACOBSON is an independent artist, teacher & anti-drug activist, she uses her art to educate the public – and doctors, especially – about the dangers of long-term psychotropic drug use. 

Bonnie's Bloomers


Bonnie started gardening as a small child, after her parents made her do it. As she got older, her knowledge of plants grew along with her interest in them.  As a result, she started up a small nursery and has loved every minute of it since. Designing gardens and tending to her plants have become her true passion . "I enjoy the work and talking to people about their gardens and learning so much from others too!" 

Riley Joy Candle Co.


After the loss of her unborn child Riley Joy, Sara found comfort and pleasure in candle-making. "I am able to bring her [Riley Joy] name to light, have her thought around me, while smelling a beautiful scent that brings me to a happy place." Sara decided to share this passion with people around her, friends, co-workers, family, because, not only did she love her hobby, but Riley Joy was the reason she started this small business, and it was a way to have her name known around the world. "She was a part of our small world, our family, but as a mother, I feel as if she can be so much more, bringing peace and beauty to other’s homes, in the way of scent. One needs to realize that when a loved one leaves us, whether a beautiful relationship has existed or the wonder of what type of relationship would have existed, they are still around us. Scents remind us of good times, and this has brought me to a happy place for my Riley Joy. I love you, my rosebud angel." 

Thinking of You Photography


Greg has been a photographer since 1980. Starting at Varden Studios in Rochester doing high school and college portraits, he then moved over to Colorgraphic’s in 1984 shooting sports and children’s portraits.  In 2005 Greg started up his own studio with the name “Thinking of You Photography”  because he was tired of working for big studios where they just didn’t seem to care about the customer.  His beliefs in photography are about simplicity and being classic. "You don't want lifetime photos done in a current passing fad that you will be embarrassed to show off in a few years. I believe that fancy overdone setups don’t make beautiful portraits – you do! I believe in taking the extra time to help you feel comfortable. This allows your natural expressions to show through easily. Facial expressions are the reflection of your personality. The backgrounds I use are simple, complementary and tasteful."

Vandeusen design


Karlene lives on a tree farm in Upstate NY, the woods providing inspiration for her representational landscapes. Working with all different styles including watercolor, pastel, gouache, oil or acrylic. Interested in art and gardens, Karlene attended the Art Institute of Pittsburg. With a Graphic Design Degree, she worked for many years as a Layout Artist in the retail industry. Currently working as a substitute teacher, Karlene uses her free summers to continue her passion. Honing her skills by taking and teaching workshops & art classes at local art centers, libraries and artist groups. She accepts & enjoys custom commissioned work.

"Hopefully, my paintings motivate a deeper appreciation of the natural world. I look around and I see beauty everywhere! My goal is to use my connection to the woodlands to inspire others to take a closer look at nature. In a stressful world, don't we all need to find our own special place?"

linwood candle co.


Linwood Candle Company is a small batch candle company owned and operated by Amy Misso. Established in 2013, Linwood Candles are known for their unique scents that are inspired from nature. "All of our candles are hand poured in our 1920s colonial in the heart of Rochester, New York.  From the ordering & careful selection of raw materials and vessels to the high standard of packaging design - this is a one woman show. Every order, every positive review & even the littlest compliment I receive from customers makes it all worth the hustle."

Jill Magara Pottery


After discovering her passion for making ceramics in 2015, Jill Magara began selling her work and building her business while studying studio art at Houghton College. Jill now owns and operates her small-batch pottery business out of her home in Rochester, NY and sells her work online and at frequented local festivals. Why “small-batch” pottery? Jill ensures the high quality of her products by practicing a deliberate and gradual process. All of Jill’s functional pieces are made on the potters’ wheel or hand-built. Each piece is then meticulously trimmed and carved and left to dry. The pieces are then fired twice in the kiln before taking final shape. As a result of this careful process, all of Jill’s pieces - mugs, earrings, hanging planters - are one-of-a-kind. She offers these pieces in a wide range of soft, cool and warm colors, perfect for any décor theme and for any season.

fleurish Co.


purple hippo


bee paper house


the cozy cactus