Carpenter's Farm & Fancy

Over the past couple of years, we’ve participated in nearby festivals and craft shows selling products of Goat Isle Soap, a small business we started on our family farm after discovering the many benefits of goat milk. Immersed in the creative culture of these shows, we met people from all walks of life with a wide range of talents and specialties. We quickly developed a respect and admiration for all the wonderful art forms imaginable – crafting, building, designing, hand-weaving, pottery, farming, you name it. Beyond that, however, we developed an immense respect and admiration for the minds behind these arts. 

It was inspiring to work alongside such creative, intelligent people and an honor to learn from each of their unique experiences. Every artisan we met told a different story of how they came to be and had clearly cultivated a vision for their work. Their dedication and genuine love for what they do is what inspired us to create Carpenter’s Farm & Fancy. Carefully named to represent our personal vision for the store, Carpenter’s Farm & Fancy is a creators’ collective where rustic meets elegant. Here, you will find the makings of a classic farm stand – fresh, seasonal produce, plants, and other homegrown or natural products – as well as the “fancies” you can’t help but want – locally crafted jewelry, home and garden items, décor, clothing, bath and body products, and more.

At Carpenter’s Farm & Fancy, we offer a unique shopping experience as well as exciting local events to attend right here at our store. It was never our dream to own a typical retail shop, but rather we were inspired to create a space meant for discovery, a place where around every corner is the work of local artisans for you to appreciate, purchase, or simply indulge in. Come in and visit us – we have something for everybody!

-The Carpenter's